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JL123 Schoolgirl

Japan Airlines Flight 123 12-year old girl survives worst ever single aircraft disaster with merely a sprained wrist.

Got it. Read it. Want more. I think the book is excellent–interestingly presented and gripping to read.Phillip Knightley, author and prize-winning journalist

There are chapters on the Amelia Earhart mystery, the shooting down of von Richthofen, the worst-ever aircraft accident at Tenerife when two Boeing 747s collided on the runway, and many other incidents. All are cataloged in detail and make very interesting reading, although not just before you board your holiday jet. It is good that these facts are published and not just forgotten. — Mike Hooks, AEROPLANE Magazine


Ditching of Ethiopian airliner

Ditching of Hijacked Ethiopian Airliner

The accurate details the author painstakingly assembled make it such a valuable reference for all the “classic” international jet accidents. It reads beautifully, with excellent and clear expression avoiding the tiresome cliches that unfortunately so often mar a book on this fascinating subject. — Macarthur Job OAM, Aviation Writer and Air Safety Consultant



DC-10 Chicago

DC-10 Chicago Engine falls off and slats retract causing left wing to stall. Had aircraft had higher airspeed it could have continued to fly.

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