Large print edition will be available in next few days, though the original Air Crashes and Miracle Landings with all 85 key incidents remains the QRH (quick reference handbook) for pilots, journalists, academics, and fans of the excellent TV documentaries who want to check on the whys in specific cases.

The three-part, large-type edition is destined for readers who said they were so fascinated, they read the printed book cover to cover—vividly remembering the headlines at the time.

The first two parts of this large-print edition represent the original book with a few tweaks. The third part is the expanded glossary, which we had to omit for lack of space.

Acknowledgements and information about the author are in Part 1.  Updates will be placed in Part 3, as it will have to be updated with the entry of new airliners into service, anyway.

A Kindle version will only be available for Part 3, as readers can choose the size of the font when reading the original on electronic devices.