So that more can benefit, we shall shortly be issuing this easier-to-read six-part series taken from Air Crashes and Miracle Landings that should appeal to and make a good present for older readers, many of whom have found it fascinating as they remember many of the 85 incidents:

  • (1) Loss of Power and Collisions
  • (2) Fire and Systems Failure
  • (3) Pilot Issues and Suicide
  • (4) Turbulence, CFIT (Controlled Flight into Terrain)
  • (5) Unique Cases and Terrorism
  • (6) Facts of Flying (Glossary and Aircraft History)

Besides enabling us to use a larger font we have been able to add extra detail and explanations, such as why nowadays aircraft with only two engines are allowed to fly over oceans as much as three hours flying time from a diversion airport.

As in the original, each chapter covers a specific type of incident in chronological order. While showing the evolution of accidents over time, this means those of the greatest interest may well be nested within the chapter.

Details will appear here on publication, with the first ones published in February.