Large Print Edition

We decided to publish a large(r*) print edition on hearing that some “parents and in-laws!” to whom the book had been passed on were reading it from cover to cover despite the small font. Also, anyone whose native language is not English should find it easier to read and learn facts not mentioned in the local media.

That said, the original all-in-one edition remains the best tool for quick reference, and for keyword searches on the Kindle where the size of font can be chosen anyway.

* Note: It is NOT an EXTRA-large font for the extremely visually impaired. It is just that the original all-in-one edition has to have a smallish font in order to include all 85 incidents in the one 415-page book.

[Part 1 has chapters 1 to 7, and Part 2 chapters 8 to 18. Part 3 (with also a Kindle version) will be the Glossary and where updates (including the 737 MAX crashes) will be placed].