Chapters 1 to 7 of the original ‘all-in-one’ edition are in Part 1, and chapters 8 to 18 are in Part 2.

We decided to produce a large print edition on learning that “fascinated parents and in-laws!” (who had been given the original edition of Air Crashes and Miracle Landings by purchasers) were reading it from cover to cover, despite the small font.

The larger font should suit those whose eyesight is perhaps not what it once was, those whose native language is not English, not to mention the general reader avidly following the excellent air accident documentaries on TV and YouTube.

That said, the original all-in-one version remains the best tool for quick reference. What’s more, on the Kindle, the size of font can be selected and incidents searched for using terms such as locations as well as flight numbers.


Large Print Edition Part 3
(Flying Dictionary and Updates)

The glossary, which we had to omit from the original book due to lack of space will be in Part 3 to be published in September 2019.

It will not only be a glossary but a “Flying Dictionary” with myriad facts about flying and aircraft. Updates will be placed there, as it will have to be updated with the entry of new airliners into service, as well as with details of the latest accidents, such as those involving the Boeing 737 MAX.

Unlike Parts 1 and 2, Part 3 will also have a Kindle version.