The original Air Crashes and Miracle Landings with all the key incidents in one volume remains the QRH (quick reference handbook) for those who want to check on the whys and hows in specific cases.

Fitting all 85 incidents into one book meant using a small font which does not affect Kindle readers as they can vary the size.

Three-Part Large Print Edition

To make continuous reading easier we have now added this three-part, large-type edition–ideal for giving as a present, especially to those whose eyesight is not as good as it once was and who remember the incidents.

The first two parts represent the original book with a few tweaks. The third part is the glossary, which we had to omit, and have expanded into a “Flying Dictionary” with all sorts of facts about flying. Updates will be placed in Part 3, as it will have to be updated with the entry of new airliners into service, as well as with details of the latest accidents, such as those involving the Boeing 737 MAX.

A Kindle version will only be available for Part 3, which will be published in September to hopefully include full details concerning the Boeing 737 Max crashes.