Operation Sunrise: Missed Opportunity?

According to the UK’s Economist Alan Joyce has said Project Sunrise for non-stop flights from Australia’s East Coast cities such as Sydney and Melbourne to London, New York and so on have been “shelved.”

Australia’s Business Traveller said Qantas had announced the project was “indefinitely postponed.”

However, there are currently (but intermittently) still the non-stops (QF9/QF10) from Perth to London. This may suggest non-stop flights could become especially popular as there would be much better control over with whom passengers come into contact en route.

It has been suggested that Project Sunrise non-stop flights could be a winner for Qantas, with them not only going to London and New York, but also to other perhaps safer cities, though it is understandable Qantas hesitate to take the risk when in “survival mode.” A crisis can be an opportunity with perhaps better conditions from Airbus.

It could be a wonderful feather in Alan Joyce’s retirement cap; even if not the case the efficient A350 could have many roles and not be a great loss.

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