DC-10’s Textbook Speed Seals Fate of AA191 (Chicago, 1979)


Flexing Aloha 737 Lands with Passengers Exposed (Hawaii, 1988).


Worst-ever Single-aircraft Disaster (Japan, 1985)


“Mr Bartlett has taken over the mantle of the late, great MacArthur Job, as an aviation writer of undoubted excellence.
His book covers many, many accidents, both well known and obscure, in just the right amount of detail to remain fascinating.”
— Andy,
Professional reviewer (Amazon UK)

“Air Crashes and Miracle Landings is a great resource for every pilot who wants a clear summary of the Whats, Hows and Whys
behind the key aviation accidents.
This book should be part of Human Factors and Crew Resource Management training.”
— Richard de Crespigny,
Captain who saved Qantas QF32

“Air crashes and miracle landings” 2nd Edition The book is amazingly precise as well as concise in telling the readers the details of 85 complex cases of airplane crashes and miracle landings. I am sure that the author spent many years of works with great passion and professionalism to write this book. The book was written in concise manner with easy to read language explanation and timetable etc.

I used to work at the HQ of the Japanese foreign ministry for ICAO  when 9/11 terrorists hijacked four airplanes in the USA. Chapter 16 of this book deals with this terrorist attacks from different perspectives and also talked about the change of protocols to deal with hijacks. ICAO changed protocols on security aspects in particular since 9/11 hijack.

I admire the professionalism of the author. I also found the blog of Christopher Bartlett, containing additional charts and images, quite interesting;

Eiichi Kawahara

* Quote from airline captain

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